Airdex Corporation, located in Barrie, ON specializes in custom metal fabrication, laser cutting, and CNC bending.

Some other products and services that we offer:

Housing (HOUSING series)

The housing is an essential and critical component of any centrifugal blower package. When it is of proper design and size for the blower wheel, efficient and quiet performance can be achieved. Airdex housings are designed for use with the blower wheels described on this website.

Because space is usually critical in the use of blower units, Airdex housings have an 8” expansion angle, rather than the 10” angle which is customary for rating of impellers. In systems where the impeller operates close to its point of peak efficiency, little or no change in performance will be observed. In system where pressures are relatively low the use of the 8” housing results in slightly less delivery for a given impeller, but more delivery for the space available.

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